I'm the creator of the all-ages solarpunk comedy comic, Key to the Future's Fate!
I'm going to be posting ALL of my art (sfw, nsfw, human, and furry) here!

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CatComixzStudios's News

Posted by CatComixzStudios - December 16th, 2019

OKAY SO, I think I've figured out what stuff is going to be posted where. I've been debating this a lot and this is currently what setup I have in mind:

- I'll always notify people about new SFW art I post on my Twitter

- All NSFW art I post will be announced via my NSFW Twitter

- ALL art updates (SFW & NSFW) will be posted to my Mastodon account (and properly tagged, of course)

- I will be posting all SFW art here on deviantART

- I'll be posting all (furry) NSFW art over on FurAffinity

- Finally, ALL of my art (SFW & NSFW) will be posted to here to Newgrounds

That all sound good to everyone? I figure this way there'll be SOME configuration that'll work for everyone out there.

Posted by CatComixzStudios - April 19th, 2019

I already upload new drawings to deviantART, Twitter, and usually Mastodon, but my smut only goes on Mastodon and here.

Would you all prefer I use this as a smut-only site or do you want to see all of my drawings here?

Posted by CatComixzStudios - December 5th, 2018

I've been making art and comics for quite a while, but around 2017, I finally got serious about it. I've been studying lots of fundementals that I previously neglected, began learning how to work digitally, and started working on my comic series I'd been meaning to make for YEARS. 

Then I realized deviantART doesn't allow the smut I'd occassionally make, which was frustrating. THEN Tumblr crawled so far up its own ass that it impaled itself on its own ribs, which destroyed much of the hope I had there. My comic isn't even NSFW but seeing so many others getting needlessly thrown to the side was painful to see. 

I'll admit, I stopped paying much attention to Newgrounds for quite a while. But seeing it have a resurgence is heartwarming for me, and it would be an honor to have my own stuff among the art that inspired me growing up.

I've got a lot to learn on so many levels, but my fellow artist friends will vouch for me that I've been studying hard. I'd personally like to think I've been improving leaps and bounds since taking art more seriously, and I'm hoping I can prove that here as well.